Evaluating the Eastern Mediterranean Energy Spiral from the Israeli Energy Policy Perspective

The Eastern Mediterranean still maintains its position as the center of the meeting of civilizations. It also maintains its position in the field of energy, which is the greatest need of modern times. Especially the Eastern Mediterranean has long been one of the main points of trade routes, energy transfer and transportation. Recently, there has been an increasing number of energy resources found in succession since 2010. Natural gas deposits have been found, that have forced countries to re-shape and rebuild their energy policies and strategies.

Israel is at the core of this change with natural gas deposits. It is curious, with the discovery of gas deposits, and the liberation from dependency, what changes would be in energy policies, and upon the reshaping of Israel’s energy management and policies, which were almost entirely dependent on foreign sources before. While Israel is one of the most influential states in the Middle East, the Eastern Mediterranean and ultimately worldwide, it is also influenced by many factors such as energy security, stabilization, wages, supply, consumption and production balance when implementing general government policies. In other words, one of the main factors influencing Israel’s preference for the policy, regardless of whatever it is, is its energy-dependent geopolitical and strategic situation. Therefore, it is certain that the changes in Israel’s energy paradigm will lead to changes in other policy topics and other countries affected by these policies.

It is clear that not only Israel and the region of Israel, but also the countries of Russia, European countries and America will be affected ultimately by energy policies. The study aims to re-analyze the energy policies that have been changed with Israel as the base in the direction of new discoveries and reveal the indirect and direct extensions of these policies.

For this purpose inferences have been made about the effects of the new energy policies that Israel will adopt firstly on the countries of the region such as Turkey, Greece and Egypt and secondarily on the countries in the European region, America and Russia