Evaluation of Political Instability in the Iraqi Administration in the Context of the Constitutional Process

The democratic process starting in Iraq after 2003 has become nonfunctional due to the security problem and political instability in the country. Entering into force by referendum in 2005, the Iraqi Constitution was adopted during the occupation period, which led to many political and legal problems in the post-occupation period. In addition, the 2005 Constitution could not provide social integration due to the contradictory provisions that were open to many interpretations. This research evaluates the administrative problems caused by the 2005 Constitution. Another significant assumption is that the electoral system implemented in the Iraqi elections results in political instability. By the very decisions it has made, the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court (constitutional court), established after 2003, disrupted the nature of the parliamentary governmental system adopted in the 2005 Constitution. Thus, the political system does not function properly.