Leadership and Personal Development


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  • Within the scope of the project titled "Personal Development and Leadership Program for Syrian Turkmen Youth", a training was provided on 23-29 April 2017, in cooperation between ORSAM and Syrian Turkmen Assembly, to 24 young Turkmens, who came to Turkey from Syrian regions of Aleppo (Cobanbey, Jarabulus, Bayirbucak), Golan, Damascus, Homs, Latakia, al-Raqqa and started studying in the provinces of Gaziantep, Malatya, Konya, İstanbul, Kırıkkale, Samsun in Turkey.  

    In addition to the lessons given, several visits were organized to such institutions as the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, the Turkish Prime Ministry, the Office of Foreign Relations of the Turkish Prime Ministry, the Office of Public Diplomacy of the Turkish Prime Ministry, the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities of the Turkish Prime Ministry, Yunus Emre Institute, Turkish Maarif (Education) Foundation, Turkish Red Crescent Community and the Turkish Hearth; the introductory information was provided regarding the introduction of the institutions was held and information was given about the activities of the institutions during the visits. Therefore, young Turkmens gained knowledge of these institutions and they had the opportunity to convey their problems, inconveniences, needs and demands personally.  At the end of the program, certificates were awarded to the participants for their participation and success.