Summer-Winter Schools

2017 ORSAM Winter Schools

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  • Center for Middle Eastern Strategic Studies (ORSAM) organizes “ORSAM Middle East Winter School Programs" each year. Third and fourth year students of the bachelor degrees from the relevant departments of different universities in Turkey and graduate and doctoral students participate in the program as well as those who carry out relevant studies in different sectors. The program is held with different seminars on the Middle East. The lectures are given by ORSAM specialists, advisors, bureaucrats and academic members.

    The winter school program was held this year with the contributions of the Diplomacy Academy of Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ORSAM Middle East Winter School Seminar Program was held on 16-20 January 2016 in Istanbul, with the contributions of Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University.

    The lectures given within the scope of the program include Regional Transition in the Middle East and Turkey, Syrian Turkmens, Iran's Nuclear Program and its Effects on the Middle East, General Structures of the Middle Eastern Economies, Israel-Palestine Question, Nationalism in the Middle East, Media in the Middle East, Iraqi Turkmens, Energy Issue in the Middle East.