The Effects of the Syrian Crisis on the Neighboring Countries Session 1 YouTube

ORSAM published a report titled “Effects of the Syrian Crisis on the Neighboring Countries” on 15 June 2016. The introductory meeting ofthis report was held in cooperation between the Center for MiddleEastern Strategic Studies (ORSAM) and Issam Fares Institute existingunder American University of Beirut. The meeting took place at IssamFares Institute, on the campus of American University of Beirut. Afterthe introductory meeting, a session was organized with the same titleas the report where Iraqi, Lebanese, Turkish and Syrian academiciansparticipated. The speakers invited from Syria’s neighboring countriesmade presentations about the effects of the Syrian crisis on the politics, economy, society and security of their countries. Çağatay Erciyes, Ambassador of Republic of Turkey in Beirut, Lebanese officials, Lebanese academicians, Lebanese press and the students American University of Beirut participated in the meeting.